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    With technology proliferating all aspects of our lives and increasing demands
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    We create decentralized digital infrastructures and build open networks to promote innovation
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Kigali Event 12th - 14th June

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Foundation for Digital Economy (FoDe)

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Learn about who we are and the impact we wish to create. Delve into our story, mission, and vision to discover how we strive to improve economies through Digital Public Infrastructure and Open networks. 

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With technology proliferating all aspects of our lives and increasing demands of the populace to meet sustainable development goals, it is imperative to redefine how businesses, governments.


Our Story
FoDE is a non-profit organisation based in Africa. The Foundation is dedicated to advancing the global economy through digital innovation, training, and advocacy. Our mission is to foster responsible.


First OGA Meeting - The Gambia - February 2023

The inaugural encounter between young students and FoDe Advisory unfolded at the Tropic Center in Senegambia, Banjul, The Gambia. This momentous gathering served as an introduction to the captivating notion of Open Networks and their remarkable capacity to revolutionize the prevailing commercial landscape.

Photo - OGA Interns - February 2023

The air was charged with anticipation as the youthful students enthusiastically embraced the vision and shared their visionary concepts for reshaping The Gambia's future. This was the begining of our journey, a journey that brough together young leaders who have proven that they are ready for the challenge.