Areas of Focus

Areas of Focus


Currently, the cab/ taxi services) in The Gambia are fragmented and organised only through social arrangements devoid of formal digital mechanisms or instruments to make the cab booking experience smooth for the end consumer. 

Tourists heavily rely on the hotel travel desks, whereas the locals primarily meet their needs by hailing rides on-demand from the available taxis on the road. This results in a vast information asymmetry and high-friction ecosystem where only a few benefit - not most users. 


This is the gap that an Open Mobility network in Gambia aims to bridge.

Open Mobility in Gambia has the ability to transform the current cab/taxi services into a decentralised, open and inclusive transportation ecosystem. This will benefit users by providing them with a reliable, transparent, and a convenient platform to discover and book cab services and further benefit drivers by providing them access to a pool of customers, without any middlemen. 

We believe that an Open Network for mobility will ensure a fair and inclusive experience for all users and cab drivers, while also fostering innovation, community participation, and promoting sustainability for a brighter future.


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