Our Story

Our Story
Learn about who we are and the impact we wish to create. Delve into our story, mission, and vision to discover how we strive to improve economies through Digital Public Infrastructure and Open networks.

With technology proliferating all aspects of our lives and increasing demands of the populace to meet sustainable development goals, it is imperative to redefine how businesses, governments, and consumers interact. 

In the rapidly evolving digital era, a robust digital public infrastructure is essential to connect and empower everyone. It provides the foundation for equitable access, spurs innovation, and drives economic growth. When seamlessly integrated, it unleashes the transformative power of technology, ushering in a future of boundless opportunities for individuals and communities.

FoDE is a non-profit organisation based in Africa. The Foundation is dedicated to advancing the global economy through digital innovation, training, and advocacy. Our mission is to foster responsible economic growth by harnessing technology's potential for the benefit of nations worldwide.

We collaborate with local organizations to revolutionize existing digital infrastructures, leaving a lasting societal impact in areas such as e-commerce, mobility, tourism, healthcare, skills development, agricultural commerce, and more. Through FoDE, we empower individuals and businesses to fully leverage technology's capabilities, creating a self-sustaining, inclusive, open and innovative economy.